Without the need for stunt men or safety lessons on how to blow things up without burning down the set, animation can turn up the visuals past mind blowing. These 5 animated action movies worth watching are ones that deliver not just loads of muscle and battles but keep the storytelling sufficiently bulked up as well.



The Hobbit

An animated action flick that makes folk music enjoyable, and not the kind of sound that has you reaching for the nearest ear-stabbing instrument, is truly a movie that excels beyond the dreams of mortal men. A tiny guy, and his equally short allies along with some other tall guys, goes up against evil in the form of an unhygienic short guy and some very tall guys, which creates a terrific drama filled with action and adventure. No other scene in “The Hobbit” can compare to the spider scene, it’s nothing but shudders and body spasms as the party is attacked and stored for future carb-loading.

Batman: Under the Red Hood

This superhero beat down is the first animated action flick, or any film really, that you’ll think the MPAA was too soft on rating. “Batman: Under the Red Hood” is dark the way Batman was meant to be, able to leave scars on the more sensitive PG-13 crowd while sending the rest off to buy and then hide copies of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight under their laptops. As Red Hood uses one of Batman’s signature disappearing tricks against him, pieces start to fall into place and the action kicks off from there.

Hellboy: Blood and Iron

Maintaining Hellboy’s signature tone of reluctant hero coupled with serious badass action, “Hellboy: Blood and Iron” has animation that stays true to the comic book while allowing itself its own stylistic tweaks, which only strengthen the already strong story. With plenty of blood, vampires, hags, and a werewolf, Hellboy and crew get plenty of punching, running, and stomping in to suit your every animated action type need. Check out Hellboy’s battle with Hecate is a solid show stopper that won’t let you down in your quest for action.


From minute one, “Appleseed” starts serving up action for your consumption as Deunan acts as a one woman army in her battle against a few tanks and a lot of troops. While carrying a tale of morality, this film doesn’t believe in softening the action as explosions and high body counts continue throughout the film. Watch and appreciate the quiet moments in Deunan’s opening battle as they dive between blistering loud action.

Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro

The sweeping lines free of overemphasized shadows belie the harsh violence and action that fill “Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro.” An animated action movie that refuses to let you do anything more than catch your breath before it drops you back into the action that the thief Lupin encounters as he heads to the source of the counterfeit cash he stole; a place that almost killed him in his youth. Warm yourself in the bullet-ridden action as Lupin’s first attempt to rescue Clarisse fails spectacularly.