These 5 AMC shows are, simply put, five of the best hours of television on any network on any night.  From '60s ad execs to southern zombie killers, these shows bring a new level of drama and production value to waht was once thought of as inferior cable television.

The Killing

A simple murder investigation quickly becomes not so simple in AMC’s critically loved “The Killing.” This murder investigation surrounding a young girls horrific murder plays out like a slow burn that is always building. But in taking its time “The Killing” truly pays off to every audience member.

Mad Men

Quite possibly the best show to ever be on television, AMC’s “Mad Men” forged the way for all other AMC shows.  This subtle, nuanced look at American life in the '60s has not only made stars of much of its cast, it has also spawned two copy-cat shows from major networks in “Pan Am” and “The Playboy Club.”  Proving that major networks can steal from American shows just as easily as they can copy the best from Europe.

The Walking Dead

Not only is “The Walking Dead” the first zombie show on cable television, it’s also a fantastic character driven show about relationships and how people react at the end of the world Taken from the graphic novels of the same name, “The Walking Dead” shows what is possible on cable television when the creators really care about the product they create.

Breaking Bad

The dad from “Malcolm In The Middle” will play a terminal cancer patient who begins cooking meth in an effort to leave his family with some money. Sounds like a joke but in actuality this is the premise for one of the greatest AMC shows on television. With Bryan Cranston giving award winning performances this show is plain and simple a much watch for anyone who watches TV, or really anyone who ever might watch TV.