Agatha Christie was amazingly prolific as an author, and her books featured murder, mysteries, and intrigue. Her "Whodunits?" often star recurring detective characters who would never leave a case unsolved, and such tenacity made for good cinema. Her works have been turned into TV shows, plays, and of course, movies. Some are better than others, but these five Agatha Christie films are definitely worth your time.

1. "Evil Under The Sun"

The social elite have congregated at a posh island resort. Fun, frivolity, and austere shenanigans are the order of the day, at least until one of the guests winds up dead. Christie mainstay Hercule Poirot is searching for a lost diamond, but he quickly finds himself wrapped in a mystery for which there are no easy answers. This sun-drenched mystery is a fun romp with plenty of twists to keep you guessing.

2. "The Mirror Crack'd"

No good mystery writer could leave the clandestine method of poisoning out of their work, and Christie uses it here to great effect. Featuring a great cast of Tony Curtis, Rock Hudson, Angela Lansbury, and Liz Taylor, this movie tells the story of an aging star attempting a comeback, but the story quickly devolves into one of murder and treachery. Christie's Miss Marple character is featured here, and this movie tells one of her best stories.

3. "Witness for the Prosecution"

For anyone who likes to be kept guessing until the very last reveal, "Witness For the Prosecution" is the perfect film. A man's murder trial has surprise after mind-bending surprise, and the final revelation will surprise every viewer. A great example of old-school cinema, this Christie story dives deeper into the procedural aspects of courtroom prosecution while keeping things tense.

4. "Murder On the Orient Express"

Albert Finney brings Hercule Poirot to life like no other actor. When you combine that with Sidney Lumet's masterful direction and a taut story about murder on a train, you have one of the best murder mysteries in cinema history. Everything from the cinematography to the dialogue to the story itself is damn near perfect. If you're looking for a great Christie story, this movie is about as good as you can get.

5. "Death on the Nile"

The story in this movie has been told and re-told countless times, but Christie was its originator. A wealthy woman on board a Nile steamship is murdered, and everyone is a suspect. Literally every person has a reason to want her dead, from sheer greed to personal animosity, making Hercule Poirot's task an unenviable one.