The 5 best actresses caught topless are those poor chicks who just have no sense about them. Failing to realize that the stalker paparazzi are always just a stone's throw away from whatever they are up to, these poor, little actresses actually have the nerve to think that they can have a private life of their own! Ha!

  1. Mischa Barton. This is the best actress caught topless because she was on "The O.C." as Marissa Cooper! Barton was caught topless by one of those invasive and personally trespassing paparazzi by the name of Jamie Fawcett. This happened when Barton and her mother were on vacation in Hamilton Island, which is close to Australia. The paparazzi just jumped out from behind some bushes after stalking Barton and her mom to their sunbathing spot and snapped away at her when she was topless! Oh, the humanity.

  2. Liz Hurley. Liz Hurley revels in going topless a lot. There is even a website devoted to all the times she's been pictured topless, and it looks like she does not really care. She has been caught topless at the pool, on the beach or just beside the pool while sunbathing. She apparently does not mind being topless much, and it would appear that she even enjoys the attention since she poses for the camera.

  3. Sienna Miller. Sienna Miller has been a proven home wrecker in the affair that she perpetrated with none other than that actor by the name of Balthazar Getty. She was caught topless when she was vacationing in Spain's Ibiza island when some photographer snapped her torso just as she was making certain not to have any tanlines during sunbathing.

  4. Paris Hilton. Hilton actually gets paid for her topless work, and the last time she appeared topless was for a recent photoshoot in Malibu.

  5. Rhona Mitra. Like many of the others on this list, Mitra was caught as she was going topless at the beach (What is it with so-called celebrities and their addiction to going topless in public?). People who follow the show business may remember Mitra for her work in "Boston Legal" and "The Practice".