Movies set in England may not seem exciting.  This small isle may not be significant on a map but their impact on the world can be seen across the globe. This may be no more true than in the impact British movies have made on audiences worldwide.

"Harry Potter"

Without doubt the most commercially successful English film franchise of all time. This epic children’s tale starred and was produced by mostly Brits. Proving that the British still dominate wizards, castles, and rainy landscapes. Big ups to the UK!


Never has a man said so little and yet made so many people laugh.  Well maybe Charlie Chaplin but who’s counting? Rowan Atkinson has solidly created a character that is instilled in the minds of millions and that is a true accomplishment for any English citizen.

"Love Actually"

"Love Actually" encapsulates the state of British film by featuring almost every British actor alive in its cast.  From Kiera Knightly to Hugh Grant to Liam Neeson, no accented actor was turned away at the casting session.  The fact that all of these British stars actually made a very endearing movie makes the collaboration all the better. 

"28 Days Later"

Danny Boyle’s manic, high adrenaline zombie thriller redefined the zombie genre. This incredible movie also introduced the world to a destroyed, post-apocalyptic world which proved to be as terrifying as it was beautiful.  Plus it created a new nightmare for horror fans around the globe with fast zombies.

"Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels"

What would England be without a seedy underbelly? Guy Ritchie writes and directs the perfect films to showcase all that England’s criminal population has to offer. So be prepared for some rough words and rougher characters in this film.