Robots in film are a dime a dozen. There are literally multitudes of science fiction films featuring some sort of mechanized entity or being. Most are forgettable, poorly conceived and badly designed. A few robots however, the alien kind in particular, have been quite memorable for moviegoers. If you are in the mood for good old sci-fi flick, pick up one of these classics and be prepared to be entertained by some of the coolest alien robots ever created.


Gort in “The Day the Earth Stood Still”. “Klaatu”, a mysterious visitor from another world suddenly arrives. He emerges from his space craft and warns us to live peacefully or suffer the consequences. As Klaatu emerges from his craft, a nervous soldier fires his rifle inadvertently. The alien falls and out emerges his collossal robot bodyguard. The strange humanoid construct was almost featureless and was clad in metallic armor. The robot known as “Gort”, unleashes powerful eye beams that neutralize the military's weapons. Before he goes on an all out rampage, Klaatu orders the robot to stand down. A remake of this 1951 classic was released in 2008 starring Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connelly. While it featured outstanding special effects and made Gort even more menacing, it lacked the spirit of the original film.


Optimus Prime in “Transformers”. While the line of toys were cool and innovative, the hokey cartoon series that came out in the mid-'80s was only entertaining if you were a kid. Director Michael Bay, however, completely rebuilt the Transformers mythos and came up with a bona fide summer blockbuster hit in 2007. Two warring factions of alien robots with the ability to replicate complex machinery and electronics arrive on Earth in search for a powerful talisman. The benevolent group, known as “Autobots” are led by the powerful “Optimus Prime”. As soon as they arrive, they replicate themselves based on common Earth-based vehicles. Optimus Prime chooses the form of a semi-trailer truck. They battle the evil Decepticons”, who opted for more aggressive forms such as choppers and fighter jets, for dominance. Robots that transform into vehicles? Odd as that may be, these mechanized heroes are also some of the coolest robots around.


Iron Giant” in “The Iron Giant” This animated movie gem may feature the largest alien robot ever. A massive robot from the depths of space meets a young boy who takes the mechanical creature in. He teaches the visitor some English using superhero comics. The robot not only picks up the language, he is also impressed by “Superman” in the comic books. What makes him a little bizarre is that, for all his power and strength, this robot is basically an overgrown kid. The government ultimately finds out about this extraterrestrial and goes out to capture or destroy him. The “Iron Giant” activates his weaponry and engages the soldiers. Overmatched, the army unleashes its most powerful option, a nuclear missile. The robot realizes what would happen to the city if the missile hits so it flies and tries to intercept the incoming bomb.


C-3PO in “Star Wars” Together with his sidekick “R2-D2”, these two are probably the most recognizable among all the Earth-based or alien robots in film. Built as a protocol droid to help and serve humans, C-3PO is basically a glorified butler. Don't go telling him that though as he was instrumental in the success of the Rebel Alliance against the Empire. It was C-3PO that was responsible for the chain of events that culminated in the defeat of Emperor Palpatine. The droid convinced the young “Luke Skywalker” and his uncle to purchase R2-D2 after the two were captured by the “Jawas”. Shortly after purchasing R2, Luke accidentally triggers the hologram message that would change his life and the fate of the galaxy forever. In a universe filled with mechanized warriors, C-3PO stands out because of his quirky character. This guy often chickens out when the going gets tough.