If it isn't clear why anyone would want a list of unfunny movies like "Scary Movie", consider this: we're surrounded by people telling us what movies to watch, but we very rarely get a clear picture of what movies we SHOULDN'T watch. Sure, the occasional famous bad movie like "Gigli" or "The Adventures of Pluto Nash" comes around, but there are plenty of bad movies coming out all the time.

The "Scary Movie" sequels It's possible that out of the 8,000 "Scary Movie" sequels there have been, one or more of them is funny. But the consensus appears to be that compared to quality spoofs like "Blazing Saddles," "Airplane," or the Wayans family's own "I'm Gonna Git You Sucka," the "Scary Movie" sequels just don't pass the laugh test–they're mostly just scenes from popular horror movies with a dash of slapstick or scatological humor added. Funny if you're in middle school, but not if you're an adult. Or a middle schooler with a decent sense of humor.

"Date Movie" Here's a movie, though, that makes the "Scary Movie" sequels look like "Some Like it Hot." It's the debut film of those universally beloved spoofsters Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, and their formula of "take a movie scene, add nutshots" was already firmly in place. Although the film is ostensibly a parody of "chick flicks" like "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," they somehow managed to work a couple "King Kong" jokes in there as well. See it if you hate laughter, happiness, joy, etc.

"Epic Movie" Spoiler alert: The rest of this list is composed of Friedberg/Seltzer movies. Not that there aren't other unfunny movies like "Scary Movie" out there, but these are the absolute worst. "Epic Movie" is even worse than "Date Movie," straying even farther away from the genre it's supposed to be spoofing. The result is basically unfunny rip-offs of genuinely good movies such as "Borat," "The Pirates of the Caribbean," and more.

"Disaster Movie" Like "Epic Movie," "Disaster Movie" gets a lot of lazy, unfunny digs in at non-disaster movies like "The Incredible Hulk," "Iron Man," and "Alvin and the Chipmunks." Ok, so maybe that last one does qualify as a disaster. Anyway, it's not funny. None of these movies are funny. Why do people go see them? It's a mystery.

Unfortunately, the "____ Movie" formula continues to reap big box office bucks for the people behind them. This means that they're going to keep churning out unfunny movies like Scary Movie until people stop seeing them. Maybe next time your friends suggest going to one, you can suggest something more fun, like splashing around in toxic waste or jumping into a tank with hungry sharks.