Few professions have inspired as much drama as that of a TV doctor. These fictitious saw-bones make for high tension and higher ratings. Whether it’s in the middle of a war—or warring in the middle of the operating room—audiences can’t change the channel when these fake MDs take the screen. Just don’t actually get sick around them because we doubt they even know how to put on a Band-aid.

Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce

This Korean war doctor helped bring emotion and humor to the field operating room in eleven seasons of “M.A.S.H.”  Even though war is hell, Alan Alda’s wit in the role carried the show to be among the most successful ever made.

Mark “Ace” Kolmar

Continuing the TV doctor tradition of nicknames, George Clooney began his trip to stardom curing patients in the hit series “ER.”  While he didn’t see the show to its end, he made an imprint on every woman with a television in the '90s.  

Meredith Grey

Played perfectly by Ellen Pompeo this dramatic take on the hospital puts people into the intense, and sometimes sexy, world of newly minted doctors. Although “Greys Anatomy” may not be for everyone, the influence of the show cannot be missed on pop culture. Plus, it’s way better to look at Ellen Pompeo, Kate Walsh and Katherine Heigl than the weird mean chick on crutches in “ER”.

James “JD” Dorian

Easily one of the most well-known comedic doctors to grace the screen, “Scrubs” would be nothing without JD. With it’s good natured comedy, stellar cast and fondness for prat falls, “Scrubs” is easily the most popular medical comedy of the past decade. And without Zack Braff, JD would be nothing but a character on a page.