In the days of "Red Dawn" viewers imagined what life would be like if terrorists invaded. Then came other flicks with better sound effects, mobile imagery, and perfect graphics. But just as "Red Dawn", the below four terrorism related films are proven classics no matter how technology changes. Agree?

"Fight Club" (1999). If you haven't seen it you should. This is one movie you will want to see if you enjoy disturbed characters. Not only can you find a double-personality but a psycho-twist to the storyline. So this guy, well portrayed by Edward Norton, has another side to contend with. Problem? The first guy doesn't know what the second guy is up to. Like blowing up buildings, damaging property, and all the inner domestic terroristic things-to-destroy on a week night (or weekend). But the real candy to this sweet flick comes in the last seconds. All you see is a flash. There should be a sequel.

"V for Vendetta" (2005). A well rounded film about a burn victim with the strength of ten men harboring a ton of anger over his most traumatic experience of life. He gets even with help from Eevee, a girl with her own ax to grind. Not only does this character terrorist blow up some of the most known landmarks on film, he introduces the act(s) by sharing a little music with the town. And let's not get started on his sword skills - to die for! The people (of the movie) favors "V" over their own government and just when you thought everyone would put on their hats and walk home, they put on masks in honoring "V" to show their support.

"The Hunting Party" (2007). Love it or hate it, "The Hunting Party" will always remain a classic when it comes to terrorists and why they are so damn hard to catch. Richard Gere plays a reporter who had his share of hard knocks. Gere teams up with his former photographer (portrayed by Terrence Howard) for the search of a lifetime. They hunt the hunter, "Fox", the world's most wanted terrorist. Problem? Every time they are close enough someone diverts them, including their own government. This movie you'll want to see! Especially if you like a little mystery in your terrorism plot. Yes, the actor who played Mark Zuckerberg is in this film.

"Die Hard 4" (2007). Not "Die Hard I". Not "Die Hard 2", "3", just "4". Bruce Willis does an excellent job fighting the hottest of domestic terrorists. Story? Some intelligent guy got his ego hurt when his project was turned down by his superiors. So angry that he formed a gang of computer geeks and a hot Asian chick to take over the East coast, and all of it's utilities, and make John McClain's (Bruce!) life a living hell as long as the New York cop chases them down. We're talking traffic light tampering, subway tampering, communications tampering, etc, etc, and so on. This non-stop action packed domestic terrorist movie should be seen, at least once. Especially if you get into computers. Critics might rate this film a "10" but we rate it a "15".