Besides "Batman", "Superman", and "Spiderman", there are just some superheroes that could have made a comeback, or been noticed more, if only they were introduced properly on the big screen. Give us your cheers and your jeers over these under appreciated or over achieving superheroes. Any producers in the house?

"Ultraman" (1966), Japanese. The best part about not having cable in the 1970's was Ultraman. Since it was foreseen that the Japanese would make decent cars than Ultraman has got to be iron strong, right? His sleek metallic fabric suit fooled many. This series was an eyesore to some viewers who consider the show a weak spin-off to Godzilla. But the huge man in a semi-flimsy fake iron get-up shoots fire out of his heels, like the space shuttle would at the Kennedy Space Station, and once he flies across the sky after winning his battle, kids across the globe cheer. He was too cool! Could have been the ray-shooting-wrist trick, the saw-like energy ring, electrical or lightning defense, the spiral energy beam, how Ultraman could paralyze objects in mid-air, teleport, and we could go on, and on. His weakness depends on timing. He only has a couple of minutes during each battle or he'll reach his end. Ultraman only has a couple of minutes on Earth to fight the opponent. The color of his indicator gives him the indication to move fast!  It may be just like "Iron Man" but as you will see, it's no Iron Man.

Iron Man. Can't get enough of Iron Man. Landing on this list due to finally putting this movie where it belongs, topping charts. Meaning, if you haven't seen "Iron Man" you must. "Iron Man 3" is receiving great reviews. But "Iron Man 2" seems to be the best thus far. In that film the terrorist comes in the shape of a sloppy computer literate foreigner who builds his own army of iron men to take out Iron Man. But as you know by now, Mickey Rourke is foiled by Pepper's fast thinking and Tony's fast acting. Iron Man prevails, even when it comes to a terrorist with the need to destroy everything Iron Man worked for.

"The Green Hornet" (next...). "The Green Hornet" is an excellent superhero film where the good guys play the bad guys just to become the better guys. It's a great concept to feed a cycle of feel-good superhero film. "The Green Hornet" was released without any sign of being a block buster. Okay, so you want to hit the Green Hornet just for being annoying but by the end of this flick viewers tend to like the semi-sly foolish character. Enough to want to see a sequel. Turns out "The Green Hornet" is growing in popularity now that the DVD is available. Watch it and witness why.

"Batman" (all films). "Batman" has faced controversy, difficult times, seedy reputation, mysterious coincidences, and yes, the most violent moment in movie theater history. Yet "Batman" continues - perhaps with changes this time around. You can't watch the second one without watching the first of the series. You can't watch the fourth one without watching the first, second and third one. You can't watch get the idea. "Batman" series consists of multiple films. Best one, still to date, would be "Dark Knight Rising". There's no explanation, no defining scenes, no reminders. Just pure adrenaline pumped up thanks to some of the best actors to have ever been seen on film. Such as Heath Ledger.