You don't hear much about sea monsters anymore. Maybe it's because we as humans fly through the air more than we travel by sea. Or maybe it's because in today's cell phone camera world, the notion of a sea monster never captured on film seems impossible to people. Whatever the reasons, these four sea monster movies might make you reluctant to venture into the water anyway. And just when you thought it was safe, too...

"20000 Leagues Under The Sea"

Peter Lorre famously said that the giant squid in this movie got the role that was usually reserved for him. He's got a point, when you consider how nasty this giant squid looks, even today. Cynics in the audience might point out that the thing looks like rubber in some shots, but what good are those people anyway? It's still loads of fun to watch Captain Nemo, his crew, and a captured Kirk Douglas fight this giant sea monster, who also probably qualifies as one of the great Disney villains.

"The Creature from the Black Lagoon"

Unlike the above giant squid, The Creature (hereby referred to by his affectionate nickname, "Gillman"), has a mind of his own. And, like, emotions, man. What this means is that Gillman is able to at times outsmart his human pursuers by trapping them in his lagoon—it also means that he pulls a "King Kong" by falling in love with the pretty young girl involved in the science expedition to his home. As you might imagine, this is bad news for all parties involved.

"It Came From Beneath The Sea"

Not to be rude, but we're pretty sure this giant octopus could chew up and spit out most other sea monsters without batting a giant eyelash. Animated by Ray Harryhausen, this "octopus" may only have six tentacles, but that doesn't stop it from nearly destroying the entire Golden Gate Bridge and half of San Francisco. Radiation is bad news, man.


The sea monster movie to end all sea monster movies, "Jaws" is one of the greatest thrillers ever made, and a proven way to scare people out of going swimming, even if it's in a pool. Even the movie's iconic theme music is enough to put some viewers into a catatonic torpor, but the characters in the movie would probably feel fortunate for the warning. Instead, even hard-boiled shark hunter Robert Shaw is nothing but meat caught between the shark's teeth before he's through.