Unburden yourself of unicorns and wizards with these 4 sci-fi Netflix instant watch movies any nerd will love. Allow your dreams of cyborg implants and saving the human race from aliens to run rampant for a few nights or boring weekends. Feel free to add a little extra science fiction spice to your viewing experience by hanging upside down from your couch while you pretend you’re watching from space.

“Black Lightning”

An experimental car left to rot in an abandoned lab gets a new lease on life as a birthday present to a teenage boy. With enough “Spiderman” similarities from the poor kid wanting using his new power to make money to murder of the father figure that Marvel and Joseph Campbell could use kickbacks, “Black Lightning” still manages to make its own mark. Make sure to see the novel approach to defeating fake cops during an ambush since it’s amusing and frightening. With Russian sensibilities and a childlike excitement at the superhero concept, this film is a science fiction movie any nerd will love. Suspend that disbelief and let it bring you back to the comic book-fueled summers of your youth as you looked up at the sky, hoping to see a spaceship or superhero streak across it.

“The Thing”

The gentle despair of being isolated on an Antarctic base gets one upped by an insidious being that starts killing off the crew and taking their place, making for a great science fiction horror movie you can grab on Netflix instant watch. Distrust and paranoia become hyper accelerated inside this small group of researchers, which makes the fear almost palpable in the air as the alien has the power to look like any of them. The kennel scene is harsh for dog lovers, but at least it teaches us to respect, if not outright fear, anything with tentacles outside of a sushi restaurant. With the discovery that this alien could wipe out the world relatively quickly, “The Thing” becomes a movie about self-sacrifice for the greater good with plenty of human versus alien action thrown in for good measure.


With plenty of quips, shootouts and space ships, “Serenity” is the perfect science fiction movie for nerds. The crew comes off as genuine as they play out their love and disagreements with fierce passion. The action in space is captivating as no detail is spared whether it’s for a large battle scene or a small intimate scene. This isn’t to say that the physical fighting is any slouch either as you get to witness in the escape from the payroll heist-turned-Reaver attack. Action that makes you cheer and bad guys that make you growl add up to a great science fiction movie that every nerd should have in their Netflix queue.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - The Laughing Man”

Tech implants, impressive weaponry and geisha robots make “Ghost in the Shell: The Laughing Man” one great science fiction movie. The cyber warfare and anti-terrorism group Section 9 gets to deal with Big Brother-type activities as they stumble upon the discovery that “interceptors” or video/audio bugs have been implanted in government agents without their knowledge or agency approval. A sci-fi thriller that nicely mirrors current events with hackers and big pharma conspiracies, this film earns its nerd love step by step with care. The battle at the country club is a killer scene worthy of the massive explosions and gunfire it features.