4 Powerful Kids in Movies That Were Hunted For Their Power

Wednesday, December 21 by Frost

Dodging bullies and finishing schoolwork are far from the minds of these 4 powerful kids in movies that were hunted for their power. These children don’t have the stress that you did when you were trying to keep track of when pizza days were at your school but they would trade it happily to not be human targets. In the end, it’s your call whether the powers were worth the loss of birthday parties, Underoos and tree forts.

Oscar Barrett, “Ghostbusters 2”.

NSA but Oscar Barrett has serious pull with the spirit world. As the sole target for one hellishly evil clown pants of a ghost, Oscar radiates self-assurance as he goes on living his life. Having that special kind of soul that lends itself to spiritual possession would crack most psyches but it doesn’t even faze this formidable kiddo. Watch his heroic stoicism as ghosts grab his carriage and speed him away from his mother but fail to break his resolve to fill some diapers and spit some food up. He can’t even do simple math or tie shoelaces but Barrett is one heck of a powerful kid being hunted for his uniqueness in “Ghostbusters 2”.

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