Find a higher being or extra shotgun shells at least with these four plague movies that will scare religion into you. Bad things can happen to good planets, so why not check the skies in case someone is looking down on you? Of course, you run the risk of finding out the face in the sky is pointing and laughing at you, but at least you’ll know someone’s up there, even if he is a jerk.

“28 Days Later”

The hospital would be a fluorescently lit giant buffet to the crazed virus sufferers of  the horror film “28 Days Later,” but whether it was through divine intervention or a confusing layout, Jim wakes from his coma unmunched upon. Managing to find new allies as old ones fall to the Rage virus, Jim lives a charmed life in a plague movie that would have you yelling to the skies for a higher power to lend a damn hand. Brendan Gleeson’s scene as he becomes infected rips at your heartstrings as he uses his last human moments to push his daughter away from him to safety.


The bats and pigs have turned on humanity with their vengeance taking on the form of a virus rather than a fanged flying pig. Watching the infection and the fear mongering spread is utterly horrifying, especially considering civilization’s past history with swine flu and Black plague. “Contagion” is a plague movie that will not only scare religion into you as your watch civilization turn on itself but will promote a love for a higher power. This love is cultivated as you get to see a touching scene where Jude Law gets arrested for promoting a fake cure to the virus. It doesn’t make up for all of his bad movies, but it's an imaginary step in the right direction.

“12 Monkeys”

Plague gets time travel treatment as Bruce Willis gets sent back to save the world and ends up hanging out with a mentally unstable patient (Brad Pitt). With plenty of twists and turns in the story, the characters end up being just as enigmatic as the true source of the plague. Whether you end up swaddled in religion because of the evil and idiocy that humankind can do to itself or because you like the outfits,“12 Monkeys” will knock some religion into you. Perhaps. Pitt’s riling of the patients in order to precipitate Willis’s escape is a scene of frenetic beauty, as well as handy should you ever get locked up.

“Resident Evil: Extinction”

The dreaded T-virus has swarmed across the Earth, ravaging humanity while leaving tiny pockets of uninfected people to do their best to survive. The opening scene of this plague movie will stab religion into you as you realize that hundreds of Milla Jovovich clones are worth a civilization-ending disease without a doubt. Even though you’re set on something bad happening when the group reaches the motel, when the surprise happens it will still make you jump. The concept of a vengeful God or gods letting a virus destroy the world in “Resident Evil: Extinction” is well-tempered with that same God giving the world a ton of Alices to run around.