Oral sex has loomed largely in the public imagination ever since the Clinton administration; movies are also part of the fun. But sometimes—like, say, when you're with your mother—there are things you don't want to see on the screen. As kind of a public service announcement on this subject, here are four oral sex scenes in major movies you shouldn't watch with your mother.

"Fatal Attraction"

This isn't really a graphic oral sex scene per se, but it would still be mighty uncomfortable to watch with Mom in the room. It plays out like this: Married businessman Michael Douglas is having an affair with Glenn Close and they step into one of those large elevators to get to his apartment. Close can't wait though, so she does down on him right there in the elevator. You could tell your mother that she's tying his shoes or something, but it's probably better just to avoid this one altogether.

"Black Swan"

It might seem weird to advise against watching an oral sex scene between Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman, but if Mom's in the room, it's for the best. The scene might be a dream or fantasy sequence to mitigate things, but that has little import when your shifting uncomfortably next to your mother.


Unless you have The World's Coolest Mom, it's unlikely your mother is interested in this ultra-gory horror/comedy classic. Just in case she is, know this: There's a scene in which a desembodied head goes down on a woman who's been strapped to an examination table. If you don't want to see the movie now, you're made of pretty strong stuff, but don't watch it with your mother.

"Blue Valentine"

The most depressing movie of 2010 is also the winner of Most Uncomfortable Oral Sex Scene of 2010 to watch with your mother (second place: "Black Swan"). It's not so much the content of the scene, which is pretty much a close-up Michelle Williams moaning in ecstacy as Ryan Gosling explores the final frontier out of frame, but the emotional rawness would make this an unbearable oral sex scene to watch with anyone, let alone your mother.

These four oral sex scenes are great fun to watch when you're in your comfort zone, but consider something a little less racy for family movie night—unless you set up a webcam to capture Mom's reaction. That would be hilarious.