Most movies have some kind of source material, but movies based on TV shows have a particularly terrible history.  From buddy cops so predictable you can recite the plot lines to sci-fi fodder that is borderline offensive, these terrible TV transplants truly make for awful movies.

Starsky and Hutch

This cop show proved to be classic TV and a classically bad movie.  Starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson in the title roles even a Vince Vaughn villain and Will Ferrell cameo could not improve the comedic tone of this drab affair. Don’t watch the TV show and certainly don’t ever watch the movie.

Lost In Space

If there was ever a silly show that did not need to be remade for the big screen “Lost In Space” is it.  Even if you ignore the predictable plot and incredibly outdated CG spider-man-villain, this movie still put Matt Leblanc in role that required some real acting.  Seriously folks, a collection of cardboard cutouts would have given better performances than half the cast.

Good Burger

What can be said about “Good Burger” that hasn’t already been said? Keenan and Kel’s tour de force is not only hard to watch, at many points it is blatantly offensive. This is the kind of kid’s movie that the good people at Pixar burn to keep their fires warm and their computers running. Keenan redeemed himself later with classic SNL characters but most movie viewers still have price on the head of Kel.

The Last Airbender

Easily the most depressing of all the movies based on TV shows, “The Last Airbender” had incredible source material.  While the cartoon may seem childish, its three seasons have produced fans of all ages and types of nerdom.  And the thought of a film portraying their beloved characters was greatly anticipated.  And then it came out.  Bloated and completely lacking the mix of action and humor that the show perfectly balances, M. Night Shyamalan’s film ensured that he made it to the very top of many a nerd’s hate list.