Get ready to hit the gun range tomorrow after you check out 4 of the most epic movie shootouts of all time. For added realism feel free to occasionally quick draw your Nerf gun and plant a few on the screen as you help out the heroes as only you could.

“Shoot ‘Em Up”. 

With the exception of a loving message to the audience that everyone should eat their vegetables, particularly carrots, “Shoot ‘Em Up” is one long action movie shootout. Despite bursts of shell-cased brilliance, the best shootout has to be in the Hammerson factory. With tons of expendable gunslingers, a plethora of guns available and plenty of back and forth dialogue between Clive Owen and Paul Giamatti you get an action filled scene that doesn’t disappoint on the sheer bloody factor. Make sure to cover any vegetarian eyes at the beginning of this scene, as a vegetable does involuntarily sacrifice itself to help Owen kick off the gunfight.

Sukiyaki Western Django.

A three pointed epic movie shootout occurs at the end of “Sukiyaki WesternDjango as the rival Genji and Heike gangs go all in against each other with the unnamed stranger and his tag along partner and client, Ruriko, thrown into the mix. Where else are you going to find a human conga line of meat shields protecting an armored Gatling gun gang leader? Takashi Miike keeps the gore and weirdness you’d expect from him going strong in this film with a split personality sheriff and enough black hearted gunslingers to keep the body count nice and high. Ruriko’s dismantling of Kiyomori as she plays out her vengeance is a poignant scene within the shootout that stands out from the chaotic battle.

The Warrior’s Way”.

To save a child’s life, the greatest swordsman in the world flees to America and violence pursues after them like bedbugs at a cheap motel after you do your “just got out of the shower’ naked dance. Yang finds himself still dealing with violence as he’s chosen a new home in a town where a villainous leader called The Colonel and his gang routinely pillage.  Luckily for Yang, the town happens to be home to a skilled sniper as well as a carnival of out of work performers willing to gun up. With explosions, bullets and swordplay this battle is truly an epic movie shootout. What other film features a sniper shooting from a decrepit Ferris wheel rigged to blow up? Watching the Colonel’s gang shoot it out with Yang’s old assassin clan is a scene filled with great slow motion as well as dramatic choreographed kills, both of which will keep you loving the hybrid action of “The Warrior’s Way”.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”.

The penultimate movie shootout of all time as the ending is both a gift and a curse as you decide whether to believe the duo lived or died in that hail of bullets. A gunfight with the police would provide more than enough action for a film but in “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” the Bolivian army comes out to play as well. Outnumbered, outgunned but never outplayed, the two make their stand as the image freezes and the sound of a barrage of bullets washes over you, leaving the acrid stink of gun smoke in your brain along with one of the greatest endings ever etched in there as well. Paul Newman’s horse sandwich as he shoots from between two moving horses on his way to Sundance, played by Robert Redford, is easily one of the coolest action scenes around.