Featuring characters sucking back entire bars shelves full of liquor and enough beer to drown a horse, the best movies to watch drunk will make you feel like a lightweight while you celebrate grandma’s cough syrup in style. From the tanker of beer downed by Bob McKenzie in “Strange Brew” to the coma-inducing amount of alcohol imbibed by the title characters in “Withnail and I,” these movies make even the most accomplished drinker look like a pansy with a cosmo in their hand.

“Arthur” Aside from the fact that the only way to view Liza Minnelli without wanting to rip your eyes out is through a set of heavy beer goggles, nothing eases the guilt of putting away a few beers like watching spoiled millionaire Arthur Bach drink enough liquor to give an elephant alcohol poisoning while stumbling around New York City with his butler. Without a doubt one of the best movies to watch drunk to ever come out of the 80s, it’s no surprise this gin soaked cinematic bender earned John Gielgud an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in 1982 for his deadpan portrayal of sarcastic wise-ass butler, Hobson.

“Strange Brew” The premise to “Strange Brew” could only have been thought up by a drunk so it make perfect sense to watch it while intoxicated. Unemployed Canadian brothers Bob and Doug McKenzie get a job at their favorite brewery where they must stop evil Brewmeister Smith from adding a special ingredient to the beer that would let him control anyone who drinks the brew--all while drinking as much beer as any good Canadian can. Not only does watching “Strange Brew” with a few bottles under your belt make the drunken hijinks of 1980s Canadian comedy duo Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas all the more ridiculous, the movie also teaches valuable lessons like 'how to drink your way out of the inside of a tanker full of beer' or 'just what would happen if you feed your dog a steady diet of hearty Canadian beer?'. 

“The Big Lebowski” In one of the best roles of his career, Jeff Bridges plays Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski, a pot smoking slacker who, after getting his rug peed on by a hired thug, wants nothing more than to drink White Russians, hang out with his bowling buddies, and hopefully get a new rug for his living room to “tie the room together.” Of course, nothing could be more difficult or hilarious in a Coen brothers film as the Dude is mistaken for a millionaire with the same name and unwittingly gets caught up in a ransom plot. One of the all-time best movies to watch drunk, nothing honors this cult classic like tossing back a few White Russians, enjoying a game of bowling while waving around a loaded gun, and beating the shit out of a band of Nihilists.    

“Withnail and I” One of the most quotable cult films in Britain, “Withnail and I” follows a simple enough plot: two struggling actors waiting for their careers to take off decide to vacation at a country cottage for a little rest and relaxation… while drinking everything they can possibly get their hands on throughout the entire length of the film. This includes a few bottles of wine, hard cider, gin, sherry, whiskey, ale, and even a shot of lighter fluid. The film has inspired a drinking game in which players try to keep up, drink for drink, with the characters—a game that awards its winners with a fatal dose of alcohol poisoning.