"Night at the Museum," being a Ben Stiller vehicle, has naturally got a few quotable lines for you to employ when the situation calls for it. But who wants to watch "Night at the Museum" enough times to remember them all? Don't fret, here are 4 family friendly "Night at the Museum" quotes that can come to life. Just remember to lock up when you're done.

"No problemo, Gigantor" This line, spoken by a tiny Owen Wilson to Ben Stiller, would be a formidable quote to use when you encounter any lumbering leviathans in your everyday life. Be careful, though–in the movie, Stiller rebuttals by calling Wilson "tiny," so using this "Night at the Museum" quote is inadvisable if you're at all insecure about your stature.

"Control your young!" This line, spoken by Ricky "Best Part of This Movie" Gervais, is a good one for if you're confronted by any rowdy schoolchildren. Sure, it might make you seem like a preening, high-strung jerk, but at least those kids will shut up, right? Telling parents what to do with their children is always effective.

"Bully!" One of the "hooks" of "Night at the Museum" is the dash of education mixed in with the wacky entertainment. Here's a quote from Robin Williams' Teddy Roosevelt that doubles as a quote from the real Teddy Roosevelt, who was known to say "bully" on occasion. As for the quote itself, it's pretty much a catch-all expletive, but it's mostly used in an encouraging context. Example "Bully, Joe, for getting that orange peeled all by yourself. Not everybody can do that." Bully!

"I oughta punch you in the nose, Hopscotch." Mickey Rooney's character in "Night at the Museum" has a lot of colorful nicknames he bestows upon those unlucky enough to come in contact with him. "Cupcake." "Hotshot." "Lunch Box." And more. Here's a good quote for those rare times when physical violence (or at least the threat of physical violence) becomes necessary to solve a problem.

There you have it, 4 "Night at the Museum" quotes that can come to life. But remember: With great power comes great responsibility. So don't just crack these out willy-nilly. Use some comedic discretion, for God's sake.