4 Movies About Law School That Don’t Require A Bachelors Degree To Watch

Tuesday, November 29 by Joseph Gibson

This movie teaches viewers a valuable lesson about taking lessons in school too literally. Two young law students (based on the famous pair on glee killers Leopold and Loeb) decide that they're above the laws of mortal man, and try to prove it by committing murder. They get caught, thrown into a mortal prison, and are sentenced to death. But the law comes back into their lives in a big way, as a principled defense attorney played by Orson Welles argues strenuously – not against their obvious guilt, but against the idea of the death penalty.

"Legally Blonde"

Not only do you not need a bachelors degree to watch this, it might actually help not to. The comedy "Legally Blonde" follows Elle Woods, a ditzy blonde sorority girl who decides to go to Harvard Law School after her boyfriend dumps her. And despite her silly exterior, she ends up possessing a keen legal mind. Who knew?


Law students are all quick to tell you how difficult law school is – but even most law students don't have to deal with what Hilary Swank in "Conviction" has to – every second she spends studying, her wrongly convicted brother spends in prison serving a life sentence for a murder he did not commit. It might make it easier to pull an all-nighter if you've got family to worry about, but who needs that stress in their lives? Stick with energy drinks and coffee.

"Soul Man"

You shouldn't have a bachelors degree to watch "Soul Man." It also might help if you're just a little bit racist. Here's the premise: C. Thomas Howell is a white guy who decides to get into law school on a minority scholarship. Instead of letting that whole "being white" thing stop him, he does what anyone would do in his situation: Throws on some blackface makeup and tries to make it work. Actual legal students would probably point out the myriad flaws in his plan, but you might be able to accept it. And if you do decide to go to law school, remember: Leave the blackface at home.

These four movies about law school don't require a bachelors degree to watch – hell, you might be OK if you dropped out of middle school. Give one or two of them a watch next time you're in a legal mood. Or if you just want to watch some "studying" montages.

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