Robots introduced into the home may one day make our lives easier. Robots might be able to clean our bathrooms for us, prepare our food for us, and take care of our pets (hopefully we'll have different robots to do these things). But the movies often take a less optimistic view of the idea of robotics. Robots in movies, as often as not, can end up being forces of evil rather than forces of convenience and ease. To prove that, here are 4 movie robots that turned out to be suicidal.

HAL 9000, "2001: A Space Odyssey" Here's one of the most famous homicidal robots of all time. Contrary to what you might be imagining when you think of killer robots, HAL 9000 might more accurately be called a "killer computer." One thing's for sure, when he malfunctions, it has deadly consequences for the crew of the Discovery One spacecraft. After taking out the members of the crew who trusted him to maintain their life functions while in hibernation, he gets more creative in his mission to kill the members of the crew who are up and walking around.

Ash, "Alien" If there's one thing worse than a homicidal robot, it's a soulless corporation like the one in "Alien," which puts a completely humanoid robot on board the spaceship Nostromo for the purpose of making sure the corporation's needs are filled during the mission. In the case of "Alien" this entails bringing a dangerous xenomorphic creature on board and rather than destroying it, allowing it to survive. This of course leads to almost everyone on the ship getting ripped to pieces. And Ash isn't above trying to kill members of the crew either, if it means preserving the alien species for the corporation's purposes.

Maximillian, "The Black Hole" There are several robots in Disney's actually pretty cool "Star Wars" knockoff "The Black Hole." Some of them are homicidal, some of them are cute and good at video games, but the king of the killer robots is Maximillian. Max is such a badass that by the end of the movie, the bad guy of the movie is pleading for someone to "protect me from Maximillian." He even gets the chance to kill Norman Bates himself, Anthony Perkins, by shredding him with his patented rotating blades. Salad, anyone?

ED-209, "Robocop" Here's another product of an evil corporation. Granted, it's only supposed to kill violent criminals, but it actually ends up killing some poor bastard during a demonstration in a boardroom. The good news is that even the most powerful homicidal robots end up falling by the wayside when Robocop, who is at least part-human, goes up against them. Still, it would probably be good advice to avoid contact with any ED-209s, as if the giant machine guns weren't indication enough of that.

Don't let these 4 movie robots that turned out to be homicidal turn you against all robots. After all, robots build our cars, entertain us at Disney World, and in Japan, they do creepily realistic dances. But be careful: You never know when a robot will turn out to be homicidal.