Mechanics have had an important role in many popular movies. It does not matter if it involves repairing a bicycle or a 300 ton starship, movie mechanics are important parts of many film plots. Below are four movie mechanics who always get the job done no matter how dangerous the circumstances.


Guido and Luigi from "Cars"

Guido and Luigi are a talented animated duo who finally get to prove their worth during Lightning McQueen's big race in the movie "Cars." Luigi owns a tire shop in Radiator Springs, while his good friend Guido is a forklift who works for him. Together they are two mechanics who certainly get the job done. 


Kaylee Fry from "Serenity"

Kaylee Fry is a cute little thing who stumbled upon the job as the mechanic for the space craft Serenity. She kept the craft running during the television series "Fire Fly" and continued to do so when the movie "Serenity" came out in 2005. This hot little number is a mechanic who consistently gets the job done. 


Scotty from "Star Trek"


Arguably the most popular movie mechanic in cinematic history, Scotty is the engineer responsible for keeping the Enterprise running during the popular "Star Trek" episodes and movies. Whether under Klingon attack, or barreling through asteroid fields and black holes, Scotty is a mechanic who always gets the job done.


R2D2 from "Star Wars"

One of the most popular movie robots of all-time, R2D2 was responsible for keeping Luke Skywalker's X-wing fighter in fighting condition. Even under heavy fire from the evil empire, R2D2 was able to fuse wires, replace coils and damaged cylinders, and conduct numerous other repairs. R2D2 was certainly a droid mechanic who always got the job done for the young Jedi Knight.