Hollywood has an endless supply of movie masturbation scenes. In fact, if you were to watch every single one of them backwards, you would be shaking hands with Moses by the time you finish. Did that make sense? Anyway, this list will save you a vast amount of time by providing you with some of the most interesting masturbation scenes ever made.

Jim Levenstein in "American Pie."

The character played by Jason Biggs in this 1999 comedy sure has a cool dad. Daddy (Noah Levenstein, played by Eugene Levy) offered sexual coaching support for Jim by supplying him with pornography. Jim doesn't need any of those silly magazines when he one day finds a sweet looking apple pie in the kitchen. Noah comes home from work to find his son getting it on with an otherwise perfectly edible pastry. 

Multiple Miggs in "Silence of the Lambs."

FBI agent Clarice Starling, played by Jodie Foster, is on her way to interview a jailed cannibalistic psychologist to learn how deranged killers think, when inmate Multiple Miggs makes an offering of warm milky goo. The gift immediately follows with "gotcha" and a few giggles by the perpetrator. Psychologist Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins) immediately scolds the man for being uncouth in this 1991 thriller based on a Thomas Harris novel. 

The vibrator scene in "Not Another Teen Movie."

Janey Briggs (Chyler Leigh) has one hell of a birthday surprise in this 2001 teen movie spoof. Janey pulls out a pink vibrator labeled "My Li'l Vibrator" and masturbates with it only to be invaded by unexpected company. Janey's dad and brother walk in, and grandma, grandpa and others follow with a birthday cake. Daddy assumes the vibrating sound is from the construction crew next door, but everyone discovers the source when the dog pulls the sheet off of her. Janey orgasms, and the vibrator flies into the birthday cake. 

The Phoebe Cates masturbation scene in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High."

Judge Reinhold plays Brad Hamilton in this cheesey teen movie from 1982. In Judge's big masturbation scene, he's beating it while watching Linda (Phoebe Cates) swim around in a sizzlin' bikini. One thing Judge forgets to do is lock the bathroom door. The look on her face when she catches him spanking his teenage monkey is priceless. If you pay even ten bucks to see this flick, this one scene will make it worth the price of admission. Luckily, you can watch this one scene for free on the internet without having to endure the whole movie. It may be worth enduring, however, as Phoebe appears throughout the film.