If you’re no longer content with merely duct taping the cat to the dog to create something new then have a look at these 4 movie mad scientists that played God in the lab. These guys might get tried for crimes against humanity but at least they’re not doing the kind of science that spawn the same annual discovery that women like chocolate. Just remember that the first rule of “borrowing” a body is to lift with your knees.

Dr. Frederick Frankenstein, “Young Frankenstein”

Weird looking glassware and a penchant for using your outside voice inside do not alone make a mad scientist. A true mad scientist needs to play God in the lab and that means, in the case of Dr. Frederick Frankenstein, putting together a jigsaw made of dead body parts in order to give it life. Watching the game of charades as Dr. Frankenstein is choked by his creation is a comedic gem you don’t want to miss. “Young Frankenstein” is a comedy that makes grave robbing fun again for all ages.

Krank, “The City of Lost Children”

Krank earns his mad scientist credentials with ease. Through stealing the dreams of the young, Krank plays God with their futures as he extracts their hopes and imaginations with the intent that he can use this energy to regain his youth. Miette and Krank dance together as their juxtaposed aging processes progress, creating an emotionally stunning scene that begs to be watched over and over again. “The City of Lost Children” truly earns the title of fantastical as it's impossible to chose whether it's the visuals or the story that is most breathtaking.

Dr. Moreau, “The Island of Dr. Moreau”

Scientists mess with DNA all the time but it takes a mad scientist to start throwing human DNA into animals thereby making creepy hybrids. Dr. Moreau plays God in his lab as he lords it over the horrible creatures he has created to satisfy his ego. “The Island of Dr. Moreau” serves up a slice of sci-fi movie madness in the scene where Moreau calls a meeting of all creatures in order to serve justice upon a law breaker but ends up showing his failing omnipotence instead.

Dr. Alfred Necessiter, “The Man with Two Brains”

Necessiter kicks off the mad part of the movie mad scientist by having an actual moat and castle gates inside his condo to ensure he looks the part. With a laboratory filled with brains in glass jars, he is seriously prepared to play God. Necessiter helps Michael Hfuhruhurr, played by Steve Martin, to put a brain from his collection into Michael’s dead wife in a scene that is textbook mad science. “The Man With Two Brains” is a classic Steve Martin flick with plenty of laughs and both sly and overt nods to the mad scientist mythos.