It’s not just banging gavels and going commando under your robes with these 4 movie judges who made the right choice. You would go crazy if the only decisions you made had to deal with justice, so of course you’re going to seek out some healthy violence and laughs just to help pass the time. Impose your first sentencing on the snacks around you with the happy knowledge that the guilty ones shall go to a better place: your stomach.

  1. Judge Steven R. Hardin, “The Star Chamber”. In ”The Star Chamber”, Hardin learns of a special cabal of judges that serve their own justice on cases they have deemed to require punishment that the normal courts of law did not or could not give. Upon membership, Hardin makes some terrible errors that leave him in the terrible place of being party to executions that would not be deserved. Judge Hardin makes the honorable choice in revealing his mistake to the cabal and furthermore by endangering his own life in the prevention of the executions. Michael Douglas’ confession to his wife about his conflict with how he felt about law and how he feels now is an incredible scene that betrays the battle everyone has with their conscience at some point in their lives.

  2. Judge Alvin Valkenheiser, “Nothing but Trouble”. Judge Valkenheiser’s sentence of having Chevy Chase’s character marry John Candy in drag is the perfect punishment for escaping his cell even if Candy does cut a striking figure as a woman. Being more of a hanging judge as he tends to kill off offenders in “Nothing but Trouble”, Valkenheiser makes the right choice by siding with compassion and sparing Chase’s physical life. Although sentencing everyone to death immediately would have spared the audience from a mildly terrible movie, this judge gave the world more time to spend with John Candy. Eldona’s “strip tease”scene for a chained up Chevy is prop humor at its best.

  3. Judge Dredd, “Judge Dredd”. Wrapping jury, executioner and parking police into the role of judge makes justice quicker and cuts down on government spending as a side bonus. Judge Dredd ignores compassion and chooses justice by giving a hefty sentence to Herman Ferguson for tampering with a food dispensing robot. This punishment is the correct choice, as all who have sweated booze outside of a buffet restaurant as they pray to unholy gods to help with the hangover know you should never mess with a man’s snacks. Perhaps Judge Dredd foresaw that Ferguson, played by Rob Schneider, would go on to make some seriously tragic films in the future so he knew jail time was appropriate even without the robot molesting charge. The cyborg hillbilly scene as Dredd escapes prison is funny enough to serve as a highlight of “Judge Dredd” and a lesson on recurring one-liners.

  4. Mike Judge, “Idiocracy”. Technically Mike Judge can’t put people behind bars yet but he is without doubt a movie Judge that made the right choice when he created “Idiocracy”. With a scathing wit he takes current social ills and apathy and projects their course into a terrifying, corporate sponsored future. In the land of the morons, the average person is king and Luke Wilson plays the role of mankind’s savior with a reluctant perfection. A truly amusing moment is when Wilson solves the problem behind current crop growth causing serious collateral damage in the aftermath. Laughter mixes with terrifying possibilities rewarding your brain for the time spent watching.