Give your anger a workout as you witness good old fashioned blood boiling revenge in these four movie feuds that can only be settled by death. You claim you’d kill for some fries, but would you kill someone for taking your fries? It’s best to leave payback to the professionals while you stick to super gluing body parts and shaving eyebrows. Check out these four movie feuds that can only be settled by death.

"The Crow." A feud is serious when the urge for revenge is so great that you come back from the dead to settle the debt owed. Eric Draven is stabbed, shot and dropped out of a window, while his fiancé is brutalized and murdered as well. So when he comes back to earth to settle the score with the murderous gang and its occult loving leader, you'll understand why it must be settled with by death. The battle between gang member Tin Tin and Draven is so powerful with burning emotion that it should have won an Oscar for Lee. A brilliant performance by Brandon Lee coupled with a story that breathes dark, romantic love back into the action genre creates a film worth leaving in a will for your descendants.

"Lethal Weapon 2." There are three things you should avoid doing if you want to die of old age and not from a feud. First don’t try to assassinate the partner/best friend of a borderline psychopathic cop. Second, don’t kill his girlfriend. Third, you never, ever, ever kidnap and torture his goofy sidekick. Unfortunately for some arrogant diplomats from South Africa, they did all three and got to pay for it with their lives. As Riggs struggles against his chains to free himself from his underwater grave you get to watch sorrow get devoured by his oncoming rage as he is forced to do it while the lifeless body of his girlfriend watches silently. “Lethal Weapon 2” is a slowly building furious movie with enough laughs to absolve you of any guilt at cheering on the killing machine that Riggs becomes.

"No Country for Old Men." Certain feuds resonate with an emotional response that you instantly understand in your heart. Other feuds like the one in “No Country for Old Men” make logical, if not moral, sense because deep in your brain you know that stealing money from a drug deal gone badly is going to piss off people not known for their compassion. Watching Josh Brolin picking up the money and walking away with such resignation on his face creates the feeling that he has no other choice but to take the cash and be the catalyst for the feud. A compelling plot with equal amounts of bad decisions and personal honor, this is a feud that you knew from the start would end with death.

"The Guard" Not all feuds need total emotional commitment, which is the case in “The Guard." Drug distributors murder Officer Gleeson’s colleague in the police force and the feud commences. Although revenge is the prime motivator, Gleeson gives off the feeling that he’s also embarking on his mission of payback because the killing complicated the simple, rote life he was living. With a sigh, Gleeson gets out of his chair and deals out death to the murdering drug dealers all with a sarcastic wit and an undercurrent of his desire to return to his television and his less grandiose depravities. The scene where Brendan Gleeson is on the drug boss’ burning boat as he rushes toward an end to the feud between them satisfies the hunger for payback you will have in your heart. This a flick that stands out if your humor runs a bit dark and doesn’t need a laugh track to point out when you should chuckle.