If “Celebrity Rehab” leaves you wanting more time with rehab-ready types, these 4 movie drug addicts who just needed a fix will serve as desperate, scratching reminders to just say no. How can something that feels so good be so wrong? Well, a very dark side comes along for the ride where drugs are involved. These classic addicts show all the grimy details of the drug lifestyle, from open sores on the face, doing anything for a fix and the constant lying to everyone all the time. The long and lonely road to hitting bottom can also provide some award time attention, just ask Jolie and Bale.

The Fighter just delivered Christian Bale the Oscar and a slew of awards for his scary skinny Dicky Eklund-- big brother, fight coach and crack addict. Bale brings the mugging, nervous charm of the hopeless addict to life and makes it hard to hate Dicky, especially with his doting, if crazy, mother enabling him into a close approximation of functioning. As Dr. Drew loves to say, addiction is a family disease and the crazy, Southie Ward clan in “The Fighter” almost makes crack understandable. Until younger brother, Micky (Mark Wahlberg), pays the price for Dicky’s behavior. Then, Dicky begins the slow, pathetic crawl out of his own mess.

Gia in this 1998 biographical drama, Angelina Jolie plays New York fashion model Gia Marie Carangi , whose quick and tragic spiral from Vogue cover girl to hardcore heroin addiction and death by AIDs happened in seven short years. Jolie won a Golden Globe for her portrayal of the rebellious beauty. This HBO film captures the troubled childhood and the grasping neediness of her drug addiction. She runs from a fashion shoot in full elegant regalia to a shooting gallery. Only in Manhattan. Eventually, Gia contracts AIDs, wastes away in a lonely hospital bed and dies at 26 years old.

Permanent Midnight Ben Stiller leaves the yucks behind in this hauntingly desperate depiction of Jerry Stahl, a real-life Hollywood writer with an out-of-control heroin habit. Watching the guy who played Focker, shoot up in his neck, WITH a baby in the car is a stunningly ugly look at where drugs can take you. Writer Jerry Stahl was writing for glossy TV fare like “Alf” and “thirtysomething.” He had a beautiful wife, a lucrative gig, and a baby girl, yet he spends his time in the dregs of Los Angeles hunting a fix. Watching Stiller’s sweaty juggling of the two lives, and the insider glimpse at Hollywood behind-the-scenes makes this a decadent slice of the glamorous life.

Sid & Nancy. In the church of heroin abuse, Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen remain saints of hopeless addiction. The movie follows the Sex Pistols’ bassist and his groupie, ever-enraged girlfriend Nancy, as they follow their needle-strewn love story to a murder-suicide finale. Sad, the film stays true to the facts of the actual story. An unrecognizable Gary Oldman plays Sid with understated darkness, and the delightful Chloe Webb, rasps and whines, and wheedles just like a heroin shrew should. Director Alex Cox gives the punk era its due with a beautifully ugly love story.