4 Horror Films On Netflix Instant Watch That Will Keep You Up At Night

Wednesday, January 4 by Frost



Talk radio host Grant Mazzy’s opening pep talk sets the stage, becoming an inverse prophecy for him as the outside world spirals into hell, dragging him with it. A virus within the English language slowly takes over a small town in Ontario, sending infected after uninfected on a bloody mission. As if Canada wasn’t terrifying enough with its poutine, Sasquatches and wearing socks with sandals, it just had to bring a civilization killer to the world. “Pontypool” is a single-set movie with a scary story, great acting, and characters that thrive within the boundaries of the single-set, letting the closed walls of a church basement turn up the tension rather than confine it. Watch Mazzy’s professional arrogance erode away from during a BBC interview in a great up close scene that will trigger a feeling of claustrophobia as the realization of how small the world of “Pontypool” has become.

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