Get reacquainted with the monsters in your closet after viewing these 4 horror films on Netflix instant watch that will keep you up at night. Give your old nightmares of walking in on Grandma in the shower a rest as your imagination gorges on all new freaky scenarios.

The Descent: Part 2”.

Be afraid, be so freaking afraid. “The Descent 2” is a Netflix horror film that will spawn countless sleepless nights for you. This film is a textbook procedural on how to destroy all the previous goodwill a film has earned by making a cruddy, nonsensical sequel. Watching this film is like discovering someone robbed your house, making you check room by room to see if the burglars left you any sentimental possession that could ease some of the pain and finding nothing. “The Descent” threw jumps and scares into you with reckless abandon, adding a delightful twist that some of the heroines were equally if not more terrifying by the end. This sequel is twice as horrifying as it doesn’t try to cover up that it used the same pages from the original script but just wrote over it in a childish crayon scrawl. This flick will keep you up all night if not longer once you watch the ending scene that features a shovel to the face from a familiar face. Once you place that face, you’ll waste precious sleep normally spent dreaming of unicorns and cupcakes on arguing with your ceiling about the finale.

Let the Right One In”.

An immortal vampire locked in a child’s body will have your goose bumps going strong but that’s not enough for “Let the Right One In” as it ramps up with the addition of a thrall/servant/daytime protector who spends his time constructively obtaining food sources for the vampire. Eli, the vampire, and Oskar, a young boy, form a friendship that is unique to most vampire films, even glittered up ones. Their relationship forms the eye of the storm throughout the film as darkness encircles them both. Although there is plenty of blood, the one scene that should wrest dreamland away from you should be the premeditated drowning of Oskar at the pool. Each struggled movement by Oskar draws you deeper into his death throes providing a visual nightmare that stands out in the Netflix instant watch horror film catalog.

The Crazies”.

The military done gone and messed up there, Cleatus. A military plane nosedives into a swamp in a rural community; releasing the engineered virus it was carrying into the town’s water supply.  Since it’s a military virus it doesn’t turn the infected into vegetarians or people who like to be tickled, but it does turn them into ravaging killers. From the washed out film effect to the inner turmoil of the consequences the sheriff has to deal with as he tries to protect and serve his community, “The Crazies” does the horror genre proud. Both the quarantine and the effects of martial law on soldiers and civilians are captured with the perspective of a moral grey ground as the story refused to bow to a right and wrong constant. Unexpected scares swiftly follow expected scares throughout this film, a favorite being where Timothy Olyphant discovers some preemptive stitching on a priest in the mortuary.


Talk radio host Grant Mazzy’s opening pep talk sets the stage, becoming an inverse prophecy for him as the outside world spirals into hell, dragging him with it. A virus within the English language slowly takes over a small town in Ontario, sending infected after uninfected on a bloody mission. As if Canada wasn’t terrifying enough with its poutine, Sasquatches and wearing socks with sandals, it just had to bring a civilization killer to the world. “Pontypool” is a single-set movie with a scary story, great acting, and characters that thrive within the boundaries of the single-set, letting the closed walls of a church basement turn up the tension rather than confine it. Watch Mazzy’s professional arrogance erode away from during a BBC interview in a great up close scene that will trigger a feeling of claustrophobia as the realization of how small the world of “Pontypool” has become.