Movie diseases have shown to be excellent villains. These faceless killers can ravage a human and tap into a central fear of sickness in every audience member.  And instantly boost the sales of Purell in nearby areas.

The Andromeda Strain

This space sickness proved to be more than humans could handle in the classic film. Instantly turning blood to dust this mixed the fear of sickness with the fear of space to make an ultra villain. So viewer beware you will fear meteors, rust and crows after watching this classic sci-fi film.

The Monkey Virus (“Outbreak”)

Even though this virus was eventually healed, it had already decimated a town and almost brought down the nuclear hammer before the credits rolled. Comparable to the real world virus Ebola, this terrifying sickness left audiences around the world feeling a little more germaphobic, and a lot more neurotic.

The Bubonic Plague (“Interview With The Vampire”)

The only disease on this list that actually existed, the Bubonic Plague ravaged 14th century Europe, reaching pandemic proportions through the 19th century.  While the humans died, the vampires had a ball among the dead, showing a macabre reversal of the normal reaction to this dark time in history. But to be fair, that just how vampires roll.

The Signal

The movie diseases in “The Signal” spread through all electronic devices, turning those exposed to it into violent hordes of monsters. While still human, any humanity inside was gone and replaced with an animalistic urge to hurt and maim. Think of it as zombies that can think and run and use weapons. Or an easier way is just to imagine your very worst nightmare, then multiply that times 2,000. That’s what “The Signal” does, making it easily the most horrifying movie disease of all time.