Coming up with a list of 4 ghetto fabulous movies like Friday requires getting into a ghetto state of mind. Sipping and puffing aren’t the only ways to get there, but if you’ve got to and the “pop-po” ain’t looking, go right on ahead. Good times are sure to follow as you get wrapped up recalling the antics of Ice Cube’s character, Craig, his accomplice Chris Tucker and the rest of the original Friday movie cast. To paraphrase Chris Tucker in the original Friday, prepare to get “…knocked the f*&! out! Maaan!”–with comedy that is.

“Next Friday” (2000) 

Cube’s character, Craig, finds himself in the non-fictitious city of Rancho Cucamonga, trying to keep it cool in the suburbs. Big-bodied snack chaser, Baby-D and ghetto pimp Pinky keep the laughs coming, but most of the jokes come from cousin Day-Day, as played by Mike Epps. A perfect complement to Chris Tucker’s character in the original, Epps manages to be funny, foolish and foolhardy all at once. Craig’s attempt at improving black and brown relations, via black “on top of” brown relations provides a soft subplot.

“Friday After Next” (2002) 

This movie introduced the Mike Epps “Top Flight Security” joke and Kat Williams as Money-Mike, the diminutive strip mall-stalking “chili pimp.” Continuing in the tradition of its predecessor this is certainly one of the most ghetto fabulous movies like Friday, simply because it features many of the same characters. Set against the Christmas holidays this final entry in the trilogy keeps it ghetto and keeps the laughs coming.

“The Janky Promoters” (2009) 

Cube and Epps go back at it again in this less than stellar pairing of two ghetto comedy icons.  Only a movie intentionally trying to be “ghetto” would use the word “janky” in the title – which could refer to the characters, or the movie itself. Filmed in a low-budget guerilla style and set in American hotbed, Stockton, California, This laffer features Young Jeezy in the straight role.

“Soul Plane” (2004) 

From the 747 with spinning hubcaps on the wheels, to the plushed-out grape-kool aid colored seats, this is one the most ghetto fabulous movies like Friday ever made. At least Friday took place in the ghetto. This movie takes the ghetto to the sky; on a plane, with one saving grace–a sexy Sofia Vergara that is certainly anything but a typical hood rat.