When you think "Femme Fatale", deadly comes to mind, butt kicker comes to mind, assassin definitely comes to mind. You may not think of a Femme Fatale as being beautiful however. Well these four film Femme Fatales are just as beautiful as they are deadly. They could just as easily lure you into bed as they could blow your head from your body. As a matter of fact, the art of seduction is one of the many deadly arts these particular Femme Fatales use to mentally disarm their unsuspecting prey, rendering them nothing more than lunch for the sexy Black Widows. No one does it better than these four.

O-ren Ishii from  "Kill Bill" (2003) Lucy Liu is one of the hottest women ever to hit the big screen. So, it's no surprise that her character, O-ren Ishii would be beautiful as well. Her beauty is not the only thing she has going for her, not by a long shot. This deadly little vixen started out as a world class assassin. She then made a move to take over the entire Yakuza, killing anyone that got in her way. Before the Bride, played by Uma Thurman, ended her reign as a Yakuza overlord, O-ren Ishii had a personal army of thugs at her disposal, as well as two bodyguards to get their hands dirty for her. Not to be outdone by her subordinates, O-ren had no problem grabbing a Samurai sword and chopping heads. Beautiful, but deadly.

Fox from "Wanted" (2008) Talk about the perfect name for a character. This Angelina Jolie character was just that, a fox. Super hot and super deadly, she could get to any target by any means necessary. She single-handedly took out an entire room of assassins with one bullet. She can curve bullets for goodness sakes! Who can compete with that? She's not the chick you want to mess with, but you'd want to mess with her. Get it?

Charley Baltimore from "The Long Kiss Goodnight" (1997)  Geena Davis has always been known to be a beauty. But, when she chops her red locks off, dyes her hair blonde, and arms herself to the teeth, her beautiful side and deadly side are equally matched. A master of the gun arts, and just an overall bad-ass, Charley Baltimore was a beautiful but deadly force to be reckoned with. She took down an entire group of rogue agents while cradling her adolescent child and watching out for a deadbeat private investigator.

Hu Li from "Rush Hour 2" (2001) The beautiful Ziyi Zhang plays this top Triad assassin. Though preferring to wield blades, this chick is just as deadly with a gun. Totally focused on the mission at hand, Hu Li would rather die than fail. She's a Femme Fatale whose beauty and deadliness are only matched by her psychopathic rage. Unfortunately she didn't last. She blew herself to bits trying to kill Lee (Jackie Chan) and Carter ( Chris Tucker).