You don't read much about expeditions anymore. Luckily for fans of adventure and excitement, the expedition is alive and well on the DVD rack of your local video store (you say your local video store closed down? Might be time for an expedition of your own). With that in mind, here are four expedition movies that dared to go where no one had before. Don't forget to pack!

"King Kong"

Perhaps the best expedition movie there is, "King Kong" is also the best adventure movie, the best giant monster movie, and the best dinosaur movie. So, it's worth watching if you have the time. The expedition to Skull Island is headed up by an overzealous filmmaker who wants to get enough exciting action scenes for his next big picture. He ends up with something better than a movie: A giant gorilla named "Kong." If you think the movie's good, imagine what Kong's like live, man.

"Creature from the Black Lagoon"

If you only learned about expeditions from the movies, you might think it impossible to get on a boat without running into some horrifying beast. In the case of this scientific expedition to the Black Lagoon, they find the titular creature, who only wants to be left alone (provided he gets to keep some pretty blonde company from the expedition's crew).

"Aguirre: The Wrath of God"

Sometimes, though, the horrifying beast an expedition runs into is the expedition itself. Like in Werner Herzog's breakout movie, starring Klaus Kinski as a man slowly driven mad by the jungle. There are decapitations, starvations, and a monkey, all in the name of finding the lost City of Gold, El Dorado. Spoiler alert: They never find it.

"The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou"

Most expeditions are for science, riches, or some combination of the two. But when aquatic explorer Steve Zissou sets off to find the legendary Jaguar Shark, it's for one reason and one reason only: Revenge. The shark killed his beloved underling Esteban, and Zissou will stop at nothing to destroy the shark. So he assembles his motley team, one of whom may or may not be his estranged son, and sets off. Adventure, pirates, and Portugese David Bowie covers ahoy!

These four expedition movies are exciting, fun, and not at all scientifically accurate. So let's raise a glass to the scientists, the crazy people, the irresponsible people. Without them, expeditions would be so much less exciting.