Epic movie swords are not ornamental. These are not relics that hang on walls and collect dust. These movie swords cut off limbs, disembowel enemies and sever heads with the slightest of ease.


The Blade Arthur pulled from the stone has been written about and put into films for years. This mamoth broadsword made a child and king and ruled the whole of England for years. As well as became stained in blood, easily making it the most epic movie sword of all time.

Narsil ("Lord Of The Rings")

The sword that struck down Sauron played a vital role in “The Lord Of The Rings.” Forged by elves and wielded by kings Narsil began the epic saga and was shown reverence by all in the realm. This incredible blade is undoubtedly an epic movie sword.

The Bride’s Hattori Hanzo

In a bloody and gruesome movie like “Kill Bill” a samurai sword is sure to get a lot of use. As the Bride (Uma Thurman) enacts her bloody revenge she slices and dices her way through dozens of enemies and villains while racking up a body count that would make Rambo blush. Proving that women can use epic movie swords as well.

The Glaive

While not technically a sword the Glaive from “Krull” is a bladed weapon. Add in the fact that it's essentially a sharp starfish controlled by the mind of whatever psychopath weilds it and this weapon is a must-have for any list of movie swords. Making it the king of objects meant to harm.