A list of 4 dystopian movies that will make you lose faith in the future are sure to have several elements in common. The most important of these is that they all have to be set in an at least somewhat plausible future. Even if you don't think humans will ever be replaced by robots, or flying cars will replace non-flying cars, all of these movies make you believe in the worlds they present for 2 hours. And if that's not enough to make you lose faith in the future, what is?

"Blade Runner"

The year is 2019, and the technology to create completely lifelike androids known as "replicants" exists. So lifelike, in fact, that many of the replicants themselves don't know they aren't human. As a result of this technology, a cottage industry of "blade runners" has cropped up - blade runners are people who hunt down and "retire" rogue replicants. In this version of 2019, it always seems to be dark and raining, and the people of Los Angeles are bombarded by omnipresent and inescapable advertising. We might not have replicants or flying cars yet, but the advertising part seems to be going as planned.

"Children of Men"

In the action film "Children of Men," the dystopian future being portrayed is only a few years away. But the changes are big: After a worldwide epidemic that causes all procreation to come to a complete stop, the government exercises total draconian control over its citizens, including the liquidation of immigrants. Even with increased security, terrorism runs rampant and no one is safe. There is sudden hope for the future, however, when one young pregnant girl turns up - but even with a dash of hope, this is no future anyone would want to be a part of.


Not all dystopian movies are bleak action adventures. At least one of them is a bleak animated childrens' movie! "Wall-E" is about a future overrun by the principles of mass consumption. When humankind is forced by environmental catastrophe to flee the Earth on a giant space station, they slowly transform into fat, lazy slobs who can't even move about the ship without a fancy hoverchair. And while some of that sounds appealing, what happens if your hoverchair breaks down? What then? Let's try to avoid this future together, shall we?

"Twelve Monkeys"

In the world of "Twelve Monkeys," the future is so bad that not even the ability to travel back in time can fix it. The vast majority of mankind has been wiped out by a deadly epidemic, and when the overlords of the future master time-travel technology, they send back Bruce Willis. Not to try and prevent their dystopian future, but merely to get a pure sample of the virus in its earliest form so they can find a cure. A dystopian future that can't even be avoided with the aid of time travel is one that will definitely make you lose faith in the future.

With these 4 dystopian movies that will make you lose faith in the future, perhaps we can avoid the mistakes that lead to these futures in the first place. Or maybe we can just keep our fingers crossed.