4 Cross Over Movies You Didn?t Realize Were Connected

Friday, June 28 by Frost

Serious crossover

Much like recognizing someone from your high school math class in news footage from a riot in Norway, connections don’t often get made until you put the effort into finding them. With these four crossover movies you didn’t realize were connected, the pieces are there but the dang puzzle box with the finished picture got thrown out years ago.


“The The Muppet Movie

Sesame Street collides with the world of the Muppet Movie.” A gentle crossover that you might’ve missed as a kid as the world of the Sesame Street puppets and the Muppets are separate and distinct, at least until Big Bird shows up hoofing his way to New York. A tiny interaction between two powerhouses makes this flick a crossover film that doesn’t need to slap you upside the head to point out the connections.


“Star Wars: The Phantom Menace”

Jar Jar

Perhaps you saw the light sabers, maybe you thought you heard the word "Jedi" and for sure that strange name of Obi Wan seems familiar but this can’t be related to the Star Wars trilogy from the past could it? It actually is about the years leading up to the original trilogy but you can rest easy knowing that not very many fans made the connection. From the borderline exaggerated ethnic voices of the aliens to the strange treatise on taxation, “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace” takes the focus and patience of trying to retrace your steps after a weekend of hard partying to ensure nothing you did is going to ruin any future runs for political office. Watch the battle druids first attack on Qui Gon and Obi Wan as you realize one of those Roomba vacuums or three drunken Ewoks could’ve lead a more strategic assault to understand how you might’ve missed that this movie is also under the Star Wars banner.


“Wreck-It Ralph”

Wreck-It Ralph

With decades of nostalgia running through as cameos in “Wreck-It Ralph,” the crossovers are rampant and only noticeable depending on how many years you’ve managed to survive. From Q-Bert to World of Warcraft’s Leeroy Jenkins, there are connections to be made everywhere but might escape you the first time around or if you’re too young or too high on discount store ring pops. As Q-Bert tries to get his message across to Fix-It Felix, the 80's come rushing in to those of you who survived it and are now wincing every time a new Transformers movie is made.


“The Batman Vs. Dracula”

The Batman vs Dracula002.jpg

While both men fetish-ize the bat maybe a little bit much, the crossover of comic book superhero and monster movie staple might pass you by at first. Batman loves to fight the good fight even as he struggles with some serious orphan overcompensation so it’s no surprise that he isn’t afraid to punch a supernatural blood-sucking son of a gun. The horror genre truly makes a wonderful connection when Dracula turns The Joker into a vampire, combining the terror of the undead with the mental derangement of a theme loving psychopath in “The Batman Vs. Dracula.”

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