4 Christmas Movies That Are Really Remakes

Thursday, December 22 by Joshua Wade

Some of the best examples of remakes when it comes to Christmas movies include 80s classics like “Scrooged,” as well as sad attempts to capitalize on beloved gems like “The Bishop’s Wife” and the Chuck Jones favorite, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”  Oftentimes ghastly and nothing more than jokes to those with any real taste, these remakes have nonetheless come to serve a greater purpose—to introduce new generations to Academy Award winning classics.


Scrooged bill murray.jpg

A great example of Christmas movies that are really remakes, this black comedy gave “A Christmas Carol” a corporate, ‘80s spin and starred Bill Murray as Frank Cross, a self-absorbed TV executive who is visited by three spirits on Christmas Eve who attempt to soften his cynical, booze-soaked heart. While “A Christmas Carol” has been remade over 20 times since its first adaptation in the early 1900s, this remake and the 1951 masterpiece “Scrooge” starring Alistair Sim are by far the best. “Scrooged” features Bill Murray at his best, while also starring comic genius Bobcat Goldthwait as the butt of Frank Cross’s insults, Eliot Loudermilk, who ends up taking the control room at Cross’s studio hostage while Murray gives one of the funniest, albeit manic Next Page

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