There’s nothing quite like the joyous annual celebration known as a birthday party. Celebrating the fact that someone survived a nine-month gestation (you lived, here’s cake!) may seem weird on the surface, but it’s a special day for the person in question. And like all special days, I has the potential to go wrong. Movies love a good spoiled birthday party – waylaid plans usually make good cinema. Today, we put candles on our own cakes and celebrate Four Birthday Party Movies That Did Not Go As Planned.


1. “Sixteen Candles”

One of John Hughes’ biggest hits, the story of a teenaged girl’s birthday woes hits home for many a forgotten child. Overlooked by seemingly everyone, Molly Ringwald is a picture of pouty loneliness during her b-day blues. Her hopes of a party don’t quite pan out—that is until Jake Ryan shows up with a cake and some candles and makes Molly’s wishes come true. Ah, young 1980’s Brat-Pack love.


2. “Happy Birthday To Me”

Not at all like the previous entry. This flick may have gone according to plan, actually. But no one’s plans ever include dead bodies propped up at a table, or a warbling rendition of the “Happy Birthday” song, or murder. So even if this was  all part of the main character’s murderous plans, the film still deserves its spot on this list for sheer creepiness.


3. “Sweet Sixteen”

 A slasher classic, this movie is more or less your standard romp. You know—dudes getting stabbed up, people getting bumped off left and right, and tour-de-force acting performances from all concerned. The difference is that it’s all set against a birthday backdrop. That makes it all extra creepy. Cake should be fun. It should be delicious. Blood should never be used as a frosting.


4. “Old School” 

Okay, so it’s not really about a birthday party. But a birthday party is in it. And it’s really, really funny, and it definitely doesn’t go as planned. Will Ferrell hits a series of high notes here, including re-gifting a bread maker to a young boy, shooting himself in the neck with animal tranquilizer, nearly drowning in a pool, and French kissing Sean William Scott. Couldn’t have been in the plans, but we’re all glad that it happened.