In the world of film sinister movie computers have served as the faceless antagonists of many a plot. These calculating ner-do-wells serve up villainy with clockwork precision.  Never feeling, never dying, always watching, we mere humans have to fear and respect these robotic foes.  Or hail them as our electronic conquerors.


This mammoth super computer from the movie “WarGames” almost brought the world to an end over a simple game.  Since WarGames” the phrase “shall we play a game?” has taken on a new and entirely more radioactive meaning. But who wouldn’t want to launch some nukes after being annoyed and digitally prodded by two pimple faced teenagers?

HAL 9000

This glowing red orb terrified audiences and tortured astronauts in Stanley Kubrick’s “2001 A Space Odyssey.”  With the immortal line “I’m sorry I can’t do that for you” Hal’s voice evokes a Pavlovian response from people around the globe. What's scary about Hal is the mental aspect of his situation. Astronauts floating in space with no one to help, and a murderous hellspawn computer that has the controls to almost everything.


This evil artificial intelligence from the “Terminator” series may not have an iconic line like the other entries in this list. Instead it has every piece of military might the world has ever known and metal skeletons that crush human skulls. “I’ll take things that make young children cry themselves to sleep for 2,000, Alex”  because Skynet easily wins the award for most terrifying movie computer of all time.