Ever since Star Wars, movie trilogies have become something of a trend in Hollywood. The result is that the moviegoing public has plenty of movie trilogies to pick apart. Today some of the best final films in movie trilogies are going to be discussed. These three movies may not be the best of their respective trilogies, but they are definitely all great movies.

"Return of the Jedi." Many "Star Wars" fans call this the worst of the original trilogy, but it is hard to argue with the wealth on display here. There are more of the "Star Wars" creatures than ever, plus the beloved Jabba the Hutt. Also, unlike the more revered "The Empire Strikes Back," the story comes to a thrilling conclusion. Fans may argue which is the best movie in the trilogy, but there is no doubting that "Return of the Jedi" is one of the best finales ever.

"Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade" After the dissappointing to many fans "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom," George Lucas and Steven Spielberg decided to go back to basics for the next entry. And so they did, bringing back the globe-trotting adventure and Nazi villains of "Raiders of the Lost Ark," along with a fun new element: Doctor Jones' father, played by none other than Sean Connery. Connery and Harrison Ford have a great comic chemistry that puts "The Last Crusade" among the ranks of great final films in movie trilogies.

"The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" One of the reasons people tend to love the ends of movie trilogies is because for the first time in the series, real emotional climaxes can happen in a way that are not there in the earlier movies. In the case of "The Lord of the Rings," the first two movies follow Frodo's attempt to cast the evil One Ring into Mordor, but it is not until "The Return of the King" that we see the story finally conclude. The Academy agreed about its status as a great movie; it awarded "The Return of the King" the award for Best Picture.