A mystery without someone to solve it would just be news footage, so thank the criminal-stopping talents of these 3 movie detectives who put together the clues. Don your favorite tweed jacket while ignoring the baleful looks of your roommates as you fire up your tobacco pipe and transform into the armchair detective you always knew you could be.

Detective Kwai Bun, “Mad Detective” With the facial tics of someone deep into a bout of constipation and the emotional stability of a seismic fault, Detective Bun grabs your attention and kicks you off a cliff into his world. His world is one of spirits and souls where the intentions and possibilities of each individual are living, speaking beings. As the detective seeks out a murderer, he uses the clues behind his suspect’s intentions to immerse himself in the role of this killer. “Mad Detective” offers up a protagonist far from the norm, creating an intimacy between you and the growing weirdness that eventually you’ll never want to let go of. The scene at the urinal opens up the problem of encountering someone with more than the angel and devil on their shoulders and it's riveting to watch the personalities vie for dominance.

Inspector Clouseau, “The Return of the Pink Panther” Even a halfway decent detective can eventually put together clues and end up getting the perpetrator locked up behind bars. It takes a truly hapless detective like Inspector Clouseau to stare every single fact square in the eye, ignore them and still manage to figure out the true thief. Stand dumbfounded with admiration as you watch Inspector Clouseau bring life into his disguise as a telephone repairman while he subtly searches Sir Charles Litton’s office for clues as to the whereabouts of the Pink Panther diamond. The brilliant physical comedy of Peter Sellers coupled with the luckiest and unluckiest movie detective makes “The Return of the Pink Panther” a classic that every single person on Earth should see a dozen times.

Basil, “The Great Mouse Detective” True detective work knows no species as Basil of Baker Street shows in “The Great Mouse Detective.” A toy maker gets kidnapped to further the plans of a nefarious mouse known as Professor Ratigan who wishes to rule Britain. Olivia, his daughter, seeks out Basil but luckily encounters Doctor Dawson, a doctor with a heart as enlarged as his belly, who guides them both to their first encounter with the standoffish detective. Like any good detective, Basil dabbles in chemistry, disguise, footprint analysis and multiple types of study that would help with pursuing those who prefer the criminal side of life. Possessed of a smaller heart but more than his share of pride, Basil ends up taking the case due to good old-fashioned hubris as he sees Olivia’s case as a way to get at Ratigan. Admire Basil’s use of a magnifying glass, the oldest detective tool in the book, as he examines Fidget’s hat for clues after his impromptu visit to Baker Street. “The Great Mouse Detective” serves as a fun introduction to the world of Sherlock Holmes or Moriarty depending upon how twisted you are.