If hell was a pleasant place then Satanists wouldn't dress so glumly and you wouldn't be interested in these demonic movies like "Paranormal Activity" that are best watched alone. Horror movies are a dime a dozen but the truly scary movies manage to thrust their hand out from the pile of film corpses and scream out to your need to be frightened. Send your significant other on a spa day so you can cower behind the couch without hearing about it for the rest of your life and dive into the world that lurks between the shadows and smells a bit like sulfur.

"Insidious" With a PG-13 rating, this film delivers hard with a story that creates horror that is blood draining instead of blood splattering much like “Paranormal Activity.” "Insidious" flexes its brain muscles to deliver horror that has a few nice surprises as well as a leading, building story which delivers all the scary demons you can handle—both just in your peripheral vision and right up the middle like a supernatural fastball pitch to your face. Take your inner demons by the hand and watch this alone so you can pay careful attention to each telling moment that becomes a building block for the ending. No one likes being told they were behind the curve on figuring the twists out, so go solo and revel in a demonic movie that makes comas interesting again.

"Fallen" Making a Rolling Stones song creepier than their elderly groupies takes talent and skill—and both are readily apparent in this demonic film. With the slightest of touches, a demon transfers from body to body, mocking Denzel Washington with "Time Is on My Side" by the Rolling Stones at each turn. There are no cloven hooves or giant horns in "Fallen" just a fascinating and scary as hell movie that takes the demon Azazel and makes him a torturous, mocking force much like the invisible hellion in “Paranormal Activity”. The ending is cruel, cunning and beautiful in its simplistic twist. A rare finale that is well thought out and deserves the solitude of your attention because it needs you to fall into it and not be distracted by mouth breathers or loud chewers.

"Evil Dead II". Bruce Campbell makes amputees even cooler with the combination of man and machinery in "Evil Dead II". With a perfect put-upon attitude towards demonic possession and attacks, Campbell makes you wince, laugh and struggle with him thus making a demonic film that straight out kicks a metric ton of evildoer butt. Cabins can be scary, rural areas can be scary, but this is "Evil Dead" where everything gets kicked up five notches and even the trees are fully demonized and out to get you. You need to go solitaire here because there’s a 90 percent chance that not only are you going to laugh at parts that would traumatize a normal human but your adoration of Campbell’s chin might creep out any non-Campbellites out there. Much like “Paranormal Activity”, the demons don’t mess around in this movie except to have prison sex with your head and not the kind where soap is readily available. Kick out everyone, draw the drapes and let the ringing freedom inherent in the sound of a chainsaw kick off your night alone.