Finding “Community” Easter eggs you might have missed the first time around makes watching the second season of NBC’s hit all over again that much more enjoyable. Smart, and hilarious, “Community” is a show that guiltlessly over-references pop culture and drops hidden gems within each episode as a nod of appreciation to the most dedicated of fans. Troy wearing Spider-Man pajamas, Chevy Chase’s “Caddyshack” portrait, and a Christmas special filmed entirely in “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” stop-motion are only a small sample of the magic that makes “Community” one of television’s best comedies.

Abed delivers a baby. Much happens in “The Psychology of Letting Go,” the third episode of the second season of “Community.” The main storyline revolves around the death of Pierce’s mother. The group grows concerned with Pierce’s flippant reaction to her death. They go to great lengths to make him realize his cult’s views on death are outlandish. There is also a secondary storyline in which Britta and Annie see their developing rivalry continue to intensify as the two compete to raise money for an oil spill fundraiser. The bickering culminates in the two wrestling, completely covered in oil. The Easter egg is the storyline you may have missed. Throughout the entire episode, as the two main storylines play out, Abed is seen attending to a pregnant classmate. He can be seen consoling her, being accosted by the girl’s boyfriend, and finally, delivering the baby. By the end of the episode, Shirley notices Abed and says, “I barely saw you this week, Abed. What have you been up to?” To which Abed simply states, “Not much."

Hints of future episodes. “Aerodynamics of Gender” finds the study group on separate adventures. While Jeff and Troy try to hide the existence of a magical garden and the trampoline found at its center from Pierce, Abed is recruited by Britta, Shirley and Annie to help deal with a group of “mean girls” after they realize he has an unapologetic knack for pointing out embarrassing flaws. Abed is transformed into a “mean girl” terminator. At one point in the episode, viewers see the world through Abed’s terminator eyes, complete with a digital display highlighting objects and ticking off a number of factoids. It is during this scene that Easter eggs from the future appear. On the right side of Abed’s terminator display is a “Memo” section. Listed here are the Easter eggs: “Make Blanket Fort,” which comes to fruition in episode nine, and “Sell the Study Group on Paintball Sequel,” which makes up the two part season finale. There is even a nod to a similar smartly written comedy on rival network ABC. “Record Cougar Town” also appears in the “Memo” section. The popular comedy is later mentioned in “Critical Film Studies,” in which Abed states he was an extra on the show. Two characters of “Cougar Town” also make an appearance at the end of the two part paintball finale.

Annie’s Boobs steals Annie’s pen. In “Cooperative Calligraphy,” the entire eighth episode of the second season takes place within the library study room. Annie’s purple pen is missing and she will not let anyone leave until it is found. The group searches for the pen but comes up empty handed. Tensions start to mount as fingers are pointed and suspicious glares are shot back and forth. The arguments and accusations escalate to a point where the group members end up stripping to prove innocence. The group realizes the pen will not turn up. After leaving the study room, it is revealed that Troy’s monkey, also known as Annie’s Boobs, stole the pen, along with a number of other items. The Easter egg is that the producers gave the answer to who stole the pen at the very beginning of the episode. During the opening sequence, when the dean walks into the study room with a puppy in his hands, the camera cuts to a shot of Shirley, Troy and Abed standing at the table. At the very end of the table lies the purple pen. In the time it takes to blink, a tiny monkey hand reaches up and snatches it away. Annie’s Boobs steals Annie’s pen.