21 Sexy Cinematic Strippers

Thursday, June 16 by

Jamie Lee Curtis – True Lies (1994)

Jamie Lee Curtis wasn’t exactly a stripper in this film. She was actually a spy acting like a stripper. Well, to be accurate, she was a housewife acting like a spy acting like a stripper, but let’s not split hairs. She was taking her clothes off to music, so it counts.

Heather Graham – The Hangover (2009)

In The Hangover, Heather Graham plays a hooker with a heart of gold. But hey, stripping on the side is a great way to meet clients.

Jessica Biel – Powder Blue (2009)

This film revolves around four characters, one of whom is a stripper. As the movie progresses, they all end up together on Christmas Eve. Jessica Biel is hot, and all, but I don’t think this film has a shot at dethroning A Christmas Story on the TBS holiday marathon anytime soon.

Pamela Anderson – Barb Wire (1996)

This movie was awful. The plot was awful. And Pamela Anderson’s acting was especially awful. Luckily, plastic surgery is awesome, which makes up for the rest.

Natalie Wood – Gypsy

Natalie Wood’s role as a burlesque dancer in Gypsy is pretty damn sexy, but not sexy enough to make me forget about her tragic drowning death off the coast of Catalina Island. Just kidding! I didn’t think about that at all while watching her wave her ass around.

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