21 Sexy Cinematic Strippers

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We here at Screen Junkies love movies. But if there’s one thing we love more than movies, it’s strippers. Granted, when you write for a film and television website, it’s not like the ladies are beating down your door, so strippers are more of a necessity. And even though we know they are just after our money, we love them just the same.

Given our love of movies and our love of strippers, it makes sense that we’re big fans of putting the two things together. Like chocolate and peanut butter, movies and strippers are a natural fit. That’s why we spent the past eight months compiling this list of the sexiest cinematic strippers of all time. God bless these girls. And god bless you, dear reader. Your page views pay my salary, which in turn pays for my stripper habit. I owe you.

Elizabeth Berkley – Showgirls (1995)

A lot of people would have placed this film further down on the list. But damn it, I’m not playing that game. The “so bad it’s good” card can only take you so far. And the truth is, it’s not bad enough to warrant the ironic praise it gets. Even so, Elizabeth Berkley on the pole is not hard to watch.

Julie Andrews – Darling Lili (1970)

I bet you weren’t expecting to see Maria from The Sound of Music on this list. Well, too bad. She played at burlesque dancer in Darling Lili, and burlesque dancer is just another way of saying stripper. If you freeze frame the strip scene, you can actually see her nipples. Something tells me you’re not impressed by that. Well neither was her costar, Rock Hudson.

Gillian Jacobs – choke (2008)

If you think Gillian Jacobs is great on “Community,” you’ll love her in Choke. I’m basing that entirely off the fact that she shows her cans. It has nothing to do with her performance.

Kobe Tai – Very Bad Things (1998)

Granted, a dead stripper isn’t the sexiest thing in the world, but when it’s pornstar Kobe Tai, it’s still pretty hot. And she’s not dead for the whole film, so that’s a plus.

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