Cinematographers are largely responsible for the images we see on the screen. The subtle way the light hits a silent movie stars shoulders, or with a grainy augmented image that shows the emotional state of a man who has lost his love. These masters of their craft may not be working on the most expensive movies of all time, but that makes their achievements behind the camera even more impressive. These are Screen Junkies three best cinematographers of 2011.


Gui-omme Shiffman, "The Artist"

While the image is important in a normal film it is doubly so in a silent one. With “The Artist” Gui-omme Shiffman showed expert skill in the framing of the shots.  Adding the final stroke in what is easily the favorite for the best picture Oscar. Truly a masterful turn behind the lens.


Joel Hodge And Evan Glodell, "Bellflower"

Few people have blown away audiences in the past year quite as much as Joel Hodge and Evan Glodell did with “Bellflower.” This trippy, mind bending film is shot in a away that closest resembles the Instagram pictures on smart phones. This is a singular film that quite frankly looks like nothing else you’ve ever seen. This alone makes this film worthy of this list.


Darius Kond-Jee "Midnight in Paris"

“Midnight in Paris” is a tale of two cities. One the modern day Paris, and the other a transported dream filled wonderland of 1920's Paris. While the city is historically known as one of the most beautiful in the world, Kond-Jee’s ability to make the two worlds distinct yet familiar truly ties the world together. In this hazy romantic dream the images make every viewer long to spend just one more night in the amazing city.