2012 SJ Movie Awards Best 4 Year Film Schools

Thursday, February 23 by Winston Carter


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<p>Every career begins with a first step.  For many film makers the first step they will take is film school. While all <a class=film schools should give students access to cameras, editing, and sound equipment, not all will give a proper understanding of the theory and real world in which student will make their films.  The following schools rank among some of the best film schools in the world for a reason, they produce people who produce movies.


NYU Tisch School Of The Arts

NYU Tisch School.jpg

The premiere university for the performing arts in New York, NYU’s Tisch School of The Arts is a haven for film makers, actors, and performers of all kinds. Students studying here sit in the same classrooms alumni like Martin Scorsese learned the basics in. This school may be pricey but the price tag is worth it for those who are lucky enough to be accepted.

USC School Of Cinematic Arts


Generally considered one of the top film schools in the nation, the USC School of Cinematic Arts sets the high mark for film schools everywhere.  Located in Los Angeles USC played host to many successful film makers such as George Lucas (“Star Wars”), Stephen Sommers (“Captain America”), and Judd Apatow (“Knocked Up”).  While the price tag may be high, nearing 45 thousand dollars a year, the experience is worth it for any young filmmaker.



The University of Texas Austin Radio-Television-Film Department

ut RTF.jpg

While New York and Los Angeles might seem like obvious choices for a high quality film school, this is significantly less for Austin, Texas.  But scratch a little deeper and you will find a deep film culture in Austin which in many ways fuels the excellent film program at UT. With the South by Southwest Film Festival only blocks away from campus, and notable alumni like Robert Rodriguez (“Once Upon a Time In Mexico,” “Spy Kids”) any student is sure to get a high quality education in the film making arts in Austin.


Chapman Dodge College Of Film


This Orange County Mecca of film prides itself in a process that pairs up the different majors to create a movie together. This collaboration gives solid real world experience for it’s students. Allowing them to make projects in a form that simulates the studio film making system. On top of this Chapman is a young program so it’s students get the opportunity to be on the ground floor of what looks to become one of the nation’s best film programs.



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