15 Possible Titles For Will Smith’s New ‘MIB III’ Song

Friday, August 19 by
"You've got something in your ear. It's my heart." 

Rumor is that Will Smith would like to get back to his rapping roots, contemplating collaboration with producer La Mar “Mars” Edwards. While the words came from Big Willy himself, he did not address the schedule for development on a new music project, be it, single, album, or possibly even a tour. The timing of this announcement is such that if he gets cracking, he could have a single out to coincide with the release of Men in Black III in May of next year. Well, in the spirit of his last two music/film collaborations (“Men in Black” and “Black Suits Comin’ (Nod Ya Head),” we’ve assembled a list of suggested song titles. He can pick whatever title he likes most, or if he likes a bunch, he can take ones he wants and make a whole album out of them. We’re just happy to be involved, honestly.

15. Shiny Suit Anthem (Drop Ya Shoulder)

14. (Tom) Cruise Control

13. Men In Black Having Sex (Smith is a Huge Dirty Work Fan)

12. Peep My Trailer! (#neighborsjustjealous)

11. Xenuphobia

10. Tommy Lee Jonesin’

9. Trilogy Means Three (Times The Cash)

8. Just The Two Of Us (Club Mix ft. Willow Smith, Jaden Smith, Katie Holmes, Jada Pinkett Smith, David Beckham)

7. Brolin’ Down The Street In My Six-Four

6. Phorgot About Philly

5. I Whip My Kids Back And Forth (Clean Version)

4. I Whip My Motherf*ckin’ Kids Back And Forth (Album Version)

3. Time Travelin’ (4 Some Reason)

2. Coulda Been Like Hammer

1. Jiggy Up Ya Summer (ft. Tyler, the Creator)

In exchange for these, all we ask for is one more scene where he’s yelling and pointing at someone while his teeth are clenched, but only because he loves them so damn much. He can wear a wife-beater or not. It’s entirely up to him.


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