15 Creepy Movie Kids We’d Pay To See Fight

Tuesday, October 25 by

The Boy Who Could Fly (The Boy Who Could Fly) vs Isaac (The Children of the Corn)

This is a fight I’d pay to see. The Boy Who Could Fly is older, bigger, and stronger than Isaac (non-possessed). Not to mention his ability to float through the air. Isaac is organized, however. If he brings Malachi or any other members of his murder child cult into the fight (and he soooo would), Boy Who Could Fly might have his hands full. It’s best that he dive-bombs Isaac when he isn’t with his entourage. And absolutely avoid the cornfields.

Our Pick: The Boy Who Could Fly

The Grady Twins (The Shining) vs Banjo Boy (Deliverance)

Face it. Deliverance’s Banjo Boy has seen some sh*t. The Shining’s Grady Twins strength lies in their ghostly ability to scare children. But there’s no shaking Banjo Boy. Look at his steely confidence. The kid knows things about the world that nobody should. There’s no cracking that nut.

Our Pick: Banjo Boy

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