12 Proto-Hipsters Who Were In Movies Before It Was Cool

Thursday, October 20 by
Don't feel bad. Even Uma Thurman fell for it.  

Sure, the hipster phenomenon and backlash has gotten to the point that the detractors of hipsters are almost as insufferable as the subjects themselves, but that doesn’t mean hating them is wrong.

Hipsters have been around, both in film and in my life, for a long long time. Sure, they listened to different types of music, and wore different types of ugly clothes, but they were smug and underachieving well before Pitchfork came about and Pabst made a resurgence, popping up in newly gentrified neighborhoods the nation over.

Now hurry up and read this, otherwise you’ll be late for your The War on Drugs show at the public pool.

Troy Dyer – Reality Bites

This guy is just the worst. I would call him a hipster cliché, but he led the way by about 15 years or so. Troy Dyer. Yuck. He is a musician by night in a band called “Hey, That’s My Bike!” that plays Violent Femmes covers.

I have just proven that he’s a horrible hipster, but I’ll keep going. He’s resentful of damn near everything that doesn’t have to do with himself. He treats Ben Stiller’s character like total crap in that movie, even though Ben Stiller and Steve Zahn’s characters are the only ones I don’t want to whiz on by the end credits.

His greasy, slacker brand of nihilism is unconvincing and lame. The only character I dislike more in this film is Winona Ryder’s because she buys into it.

Steve Dunne – Singles

While this guy is probably the only “good guy” on this list, he’s got all the symptoms of a hipster. And I guess hipsters can be good people. I guess. From the Sub-Pop shirts to the concerts on school nights to his job trying to propagate mass transit in Seattle, (which, by the way, if you can’t sell Seattle on a green city-wide train, you should get out of the selling-people-stuff business), this guy bleeds hip. I’m willing to bet all my money that, though the movie doesn’t address it, he wasn’t born anywhere near Seattle, but rather moved there after he heard a Mudhoney album or something.

At least this guy has a fucking job. He’s not just some asshole writ—

Aw, man. I hurt my own feelings.

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